Do you have a central heating system which needs topping up regularly, a leaking radiator or an unexplained damp patch in your property?

Water leaks cost money and can cause long-term damage. Apart from the obvious, tell-tale signs of a plumbing leak can include unexplained high energy bills, cold spots on radiators and rust on pipes. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s far cheaper to find and fix the leak promptly than wait until long-term damage may have been caused to your property.

We use the very latest leak detection technology – acoustic leak detection equipment in conjunction with our thermal imaging cameras – and have a 99% leak detection success rate. Far more cost effective than digging up your floor to identify the leak, our thermal imaging cameras can pinpoint the location of the leak, thereby reducing damage to a minimum.

Protect your property; conserve water and save money with our fixed cost Leak Detection system.

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